Never give up, find a way to make it happen.


"When I got to Dartmouth as a freshman, I was the slowest girl on the team. So, I learned how to contribute to my teammates in other ways. When I didn’t compete in our cross country Ivy League Championships my freshman year, I supported my team in their Halloween-day race by cheering in a full snakeskin costume. I did the best I could to help my teammates conquer mean hills and brave opponents. In this way, running became and has always been the most fun for me as a team sport, despite it seeming like an individual endeavor." - Alexi Pappas


“I define beauty as bliss. As a runner, performer, and writer, I have been fascinated with happiness ever since my mom committed suicide. At four years old, I tried to comprehend how anybody could be so sad — and took it upon myself to become a beacon of happiness. I could not be more thankful for my admirable and brave dad and brother— my brother taught me how to shave my legs— but I did not grow into woman as my childhood self understood woman. Beauty was something I’d discover on my own.”

-Alexi Pappas


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It was another cold one this morning but we got the work in

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Brownlee brothers, waiting for all others competitors.

Beach life


I love the commentators’ where are all these people coming from????

Good things happen when you go for it.
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